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Welcome to Certified Sub-Zero Refrigeration 
Count On Us for One Stop Repairs!

Areas we service include:

Real Same Day Repairs

Not only do we show up the same day, most cases can be resolved the very same day, on the spot! We know Refrigerator Repair is a business that does not wait, so we come prepared with expertly stocked vans to accommodate Generic Sub-Zero Issues.

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Our Guarantee

Don’t waste your money on a generic refrigerator repair company. Our Sub zero repair experts focus only on Sub-Zero and will leave your unit running like new for years to come. We also offer excellent warranties in an unlikely event your unit has issues in the future.

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Expert Technicians

Our Sub Zero repair technicians are highly trained and have extensive knowledge in fixing these units. They really have seen it all. We stock our trucks so that even the smallest items stay available during the repairs.

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Award Winning Service

Established in 1976, Certified is a multi-generational family operated business. We pride ourselves in excellent customer service in the art of Sub Zero Repair. Offering great warranties, truly professional technicians fix all problems in one trip.

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Sub Zero Repair Tips

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