Meet Our Team

When you call Certified Refrigeration there is no guess work behind who will be walking into your home. We are a small company that spends years training each technician. When we train technicians we focus on customer service first and foremost. We believe that the right attitude and education is paramount in creating the perfect technician. Please take a moment to meet some of our top technicians. When you call our company, we guarantee one of these men will be involved in the repair of your Sub-Zero. Spend some time studying up on our reviews to learn about what we can accomplish.

Joe Battaglia – Owner/Technician – Joe started Certified Refrigeration in 1976 servicing all brands of refrigerators. Over the years he began to focus on the Sub-Zero brand so that he could offer a better, more streamlined service. Joe is known for his friendly nature, ability to connect to customers and undeniable reliability. He still operates the phone lines and services in the field. In my opinion he works longer and harder than any employee in the company at the ripe young age of 62

Joe in his element


John Battaglia – Joe’s only son John, is a technician manager with Certified Refrigeration. He graduated from Parsons the New School for Design in 2012. He studied photography, he still shoots photography in his spare time. John spends his time servicing Sub-Zero’s as well as training new technicians in the field. He enjoys spending time with his family, traveling and the outdoors in his spare time.

John at Glacier National Park, Montana

Paul F.- Paul is a lead technician with Certified Refrigeration. He is married and has two young beautiful children. Paul is an absolute expert in the field of refrigeration. Having been in the field for over a decade working on Sub-Zero, he is an invaluable addition to our team as our lead technician. Paul is polite, patient, inquisitive and genuinely a nice guy, customers love him!


Paul and his son, Bradley.