Celebrating Decades of Service.

Established in 1976, Certified Sub Zero has serviced thousands of Sub-Zero refrigerator units in the Tri-State area. Our repair techs are highly trained and certified experts when it comes to the repair and maintenance of all Sub-Zero models, new or old. Our philosophy is that no unit is too old to fix as long as it is in cosmetically sound condition.

While other companies claim to repair all refrigerator brands, makes and models, We specialize solely on Sub-zero so when you call, you know you’re speaking to an expert, and most of the time, the Owner of the business. We always carry a full inventory of parts for the entire Sub-Zero model line so when we arrive at your home, your Su-Zero refrigerator will be repaired the very same day.

About Sub Zero Repair NJWhen we leave your home, your Sub-Zero will function like a brand new unit and thats our guarantee. Our number one goal is  to repair your unit so you don’t have to encounter additional service for years to come. Our highly trained technicians use the correct tools and diagnostic equipment to ensure a fast and proper repair on any and all Sub Zero units, new and old! Each of our employees has gone through years of owner supervised training and taught to give extremely thorough service.

In 100% of cases, we use new Sub-Zero Factory Direct Parts. All new OEM parts along with our service comes with an unconditional one year full warranty.

We respect your schedule and work hard to plan appointments during the times that are most convenient for you and your family.

Currently we offer service in all northern counties of New Jersey and the Southern counties of New York. Our Service area includes Bergen, Essex, Morris, Passaic, Hudson, Union, Monmouth, Middlesex, Sussex, Somerset, Westchester, Rockland and Manhattan.

Our Warranty

Certified Refrigeration gives a one year warranty on all parts and labor performed by our technicians. This is four times the warranty we receive from our Sub-Zero parts distributor. Any part that is non-defective and installed properly should last well beyond the one year warranty. For those customers with 20+ and even 30+ year old Sub-Zero’s, in the rare event your refrigerator has unresolvable issues, we offer a money back guarantee on all labor. If you spend money with our company we want you to know that your Sub-Zero will be working 100% upon completion, and we always back it up.

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We take pride in the type of service we offer for this product. Our vehicles are meticulously stocked full of niche items that fail on these units. We believe it is what sets us apart. We do not improvise, we come prepared. This is important especially because of Sub-Zero’s extensive range of models. Check our Reviews on websites such as Yelp, which are stocked full impressed and satisfied customers. We look forward to proving it, call us today!

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    200 Sub-zero Series

    Sub-zero 240RFD
    Sub-zero 241
    Sub-zero 251
    Sub-zero 201F
    Sub-zero 201R
    Sub-zero 251RFD

    300 Sub-zero Series

    Sub-zero 361
    Sub-zero 361RFD

    500 Sub-zero Series

    Sub-zero 561
    Sub-zero 501
    Sub-zero 532
    Sub-zero 550
    Sub-zero 590
    Sub-zero 501F
    Sub-zero 501R
    Sub-zero 509G-2
    Sub-zero 561/S

    600 Sub-zero Series

    Sub-zero 611
    Sub-zero 632
    Sub-zero 642
    Sub-zero 650
    Sub-zero 661
    Sub-zero 680
    Sub-zero 690
    Sub-zero 601B
    Sub-zero 601R
    Sub-zero 601R-3
    Sub-zero 601RG
    Sub-zero 601S
    Sub-zero 611-2
    Sub-zero 611S
    Sub-zero 632-2
    Sub-zero 632O
    Sub-zero 632S
    Sub-zero 642-2
    Sub-zero 650-2
    Sub-zero 650O
    Sub-zero 650S
    Sub-zero 661-2
    Sub-zero 661O
    Sub-zero 661S
    Sub-zero 685-2
    Sub-zero 695-2

    700 Sub-zero Series

    Sub-zero 700TS1-3
    Sub-zero 730
    Sub-zero 700BF/I
    Sub-zero 700BR
    Sub-zero 700TG-13
    Sub-zero 700TR
    Sub-zero 700TR-3
    Sub-zero 700TS/I

    • Great company! Exceptionally quick response. My sub was fixed in no time with limited to no mess. Finally a sub zero repair company that didn’t make me feel I was bothering them. Joe was the tech they sent and he was wonderful. His explanations were concise. In and out in a jiffy!

      Sharon Brody
      Sharon Brody
    • Today I was, for the 2nd time using your company, completely satisfied as a customer. I had received a quote to fix my sub-zero refrigerator from another service company and it was DOUBLE of what Certified Refrigeration did it for. Joe is the nicest and most honest guy around. I highly recommend using Certified Refrigeration for all of your sub-zero maintenance. I couldn’t have found a better company!!!

      Robert Trowbridge Jr.
      Robert Trowbridge Jr.
    • The compressor on our very old Sub Zero was broken and needed replaced. Of course this happened right before we were due to leave for vacation, but Certified came within a few hours of us calling! Also, they basically redid the entire fridge and it is now like brand new. The workers were extremely professional and very ‘excited’ about refrigerators. I would recommend them to anyone looking for repairs to their subzero.

      Katie Jesionowski
      Katie Jesionowski